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Nature of Philosophy

Author : Zenon Kelper

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" Philosophy is either History, or it isn't. If it is not History, it is a
Mysticism that is called Gnosis

Yet, for Hegel, Althuser, Climenhaga, Philosophy is preceded by Science. It is a cyclic integration and shift of the Scientific mind acheiving each of its phases.

For each step of consciousness, Science is a dawn and Philosophy its dusk. Speaking in term of 'cycle' define them also respectively as 'done' and 'does'. For this, Philosophy must be understood, not only as an acheivement but as an history; precisely History of Science.

Mechanism of Historization:

According to the philosopher Sarte (after Hegel) - and the psychiatrist sociologist R.D.Laing (cofounder of Londonian antipsychiatry & Amnisty International theorician) - the dimension of our Knowledge can be partitioned into a Serial logical dimension and an inerte Reality ruled by a sole driving force. This hierarchical force of totalisation and totalisation of the totalisations - according to their words and theory - was socialy expressed by the attraction of ideologies toward an absolute. Such absolutisation of the Ideal would be responsible for the representation of God thourough religious organization, or consitute the totalitarian societies of the modern age.

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The philosophical concept of absolute defines the pace which give the Philosophy/Science Spiral/Spin its momentum.
The concept of Absolute results from words ability for totalisation. The Absolute attraction uphold its collapsus by the means of a deadly production of absolute waste (refered in Psychoanalysi as Thanatos). Yet "words" as "Significands" operate a function of Naming (critical dialectic) which introduce an analytic capacity within the Total (hermetic, closed) Mother Tongue. The production can then establish a Cybernetics industry - so that this Critical Dialectic reaches the degree of Critical Paranoia (Dali, Lacan). Having reaching that point, Science can develop and release the libido from its former alienation to death.

Chronicle of Historisation:

With its large spectrum, Hermeticism which was seen as a Gnosis, today presents an History.

This would confirm the above definition; Hermeticism is History of Science - and before its full articulation (Ecology--Alchemy) it shows its nature in displaying an History of Astronomy. The knowledge of the Solar System (monocentrisme) is integralized by the relation that Hermeticism discloses between (see 'Structure de la Decouverte') Copernicus and Freud (dimension of Cosmos & Psyche).




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