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Grey Literature as Unconscious: causal subjectivity of the repressed in Lacan's Theory (see the definition of "Grey Literature")
(Publisher MCB University Press & Editor Irvine University California - as White Literature)

The Medicine of the Social Body
Fondation of a necessary extension of Medicine

The Reflection of the Cause - Information Technology - Effects and measures to be taken
Role of Cybernetics in the new social casuistics

Information (Technology) and Knowledge (Management)
The Linguistic Foundation of PLural ANalysis (PLAN)

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Charles N. Pope Archaeology and the Patriarchs; "Living in Truth"
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In 1999 Charles Pope extended the Egyptian identification of the Biblical record. Once the superimposition is adjusted, each Patriarchs's characters and stories coincide in a compelling manner with historical rulers (Egypt and other Eurasian-African Isthmus parts). Usually described as shepherds, the Bible has kept the memory of a large elite family under the cover of a veil.

Zenon Kelper akhnaton.net website, the complete version

Zenon Kelper is the first author who has identified, in 1985, Akhnaton as Moses and Oedipus. In 1994, he consolidated his thesis with the identification of this triple identity as Hermes Trismegitus. As soon as 1996 he published on the web  (akhnaton.net) - part of the site is now in CYBEK's members area. It is also compiled into a self-extracting zip file.

Zenon Kelper The Primal Scene of Amarna and the History of Science; Plural Analysis of Civilization
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Zenon Kelper applies the concept of WebBook to all publications, memos and study archives of his professional and political activities. He adds his guidance for this access which passes through the subscription to CYBEK's membership. Membership is a one time $15 tuition which gives free read access and download to all files and documents belonging to dnafoundation.com, akhnaton.net Cybek domains.
Dr William Theaux Presentation of PLAN to the American Psychoanalytic Association

PLAN - PLural ANalysis - is the update of Psychoanalysis, according to Freud's wishes to 'bridge the gap between individual and collective psychologies.' The APA presentation focused on the application of PLAN for University and Research teams. It is an opportunity for a complete description of the method and technique.

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